google web fonts is one small way the adtech behemoth uses its monopoly powered network effect to surveil people across the internet.

I was guilty of using it out of convenience on my old vanity website and stagnant blog, but last night I spent a little time excising it (see and

For anyone else looking to reduce google's stranglehold on the internet in this small way, I found some nice google web fonts alternatives: has a small but decent library of free fonts, and they deliver the css similarly to how google does, so you can use it without offering the fonts for download yourself. is a service that proxies google web fonts while preserving your privacy, so you can use it as a direct drop-in replacement.


Ha, I should have looked closer at fontcdn before tooting! Turns out they don't proxy anything, they're just a search interface for google web fonts. Use instead!

Or maybe I'm just confused. If you access it via the URL, it seems to provide a non-google URL for you to use on your website, which would mean it *is* proxying from google, a good thing.

It's also available via the author's website, which just gives you google URLs. Dunno!

I'm going to stop tooting about it now before I confuse myself even more 😔

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