I'm working on a project that uses a raspberry pi with an attached camera to capture daily sunset time-lapse videos out of my west-facing window. I figure we can all use a little beauty in these ugly times.


It's starting to work pretty well, if I do say so myself. Check out this beaut from the other day!

There are some video artifacting issues that I'm not sure how to solve. Also the pi seems to have stability problems and sometimes disappears from the network. I think I might be able to fix that by having it reboot after every sunset -- the code is already there for that, I've just been resisting enabling it, hoping I could figure out the underlying issue and fix it instead of papering over it.


The last big TODO item is figuring out where to upload the videos once they're finished being assembled. Since they can be fairly large, especially over time, it'd be nice to have a 3rd party service I could use. Perhaps there's a peertube instance that wouldn't mind hosting some daily sunset videos? 🤔

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