The free software foundation is doing everything they can to kill the free software movement.

It's time to reevaluate the landscape, and time for new ideas and organizations to pick up the torch for human freedom and justice as it relates to software and technology.


The reptile timer is even worse. It dies almost every day when plugged into it, usually halfway through a sunset. I suspect the contact brushes are causing power fluctuations as the thing physically rotates around its timer switches.


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I'm ready to give up on this project, it's so frustrating that it just won't stay up.

My last idea is to get a stupid reptile timer and just cut the power to it every morning for half an hour. Feels like giving up, but at least *if* that works, I *might* end up with something to show for all my work, finally.

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Anyone out there have experience running a headless always-on raspberry pi zero w?

I'm trying to set one up to do sunset time-lapses ( but frustratingly the pi frequently ceases to function — drops off the wifi, cronjobs don't run, etc. Every other day-ish.

I thought it might be power issues, but it's hooked up to a correctly-rated usb adapter plugged into a battery ups. I've tried a different power adapter and even a different pi.

This can't be normal... can it?

Or maybe I'm just confused. If you access it via the URL, it seems to provide a non-google URL for you to use on your website, which would mean it *is* proxying from google, a good thing.

It's also available via the author's website, which just gives you google URLs. Dunno!

I'm going to stop tooting about it now before I confuse myself even more 😔

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Ha, I should have looked closer at fontcdn before tooting! Turns out they don't proxy anything, they're just a search interface for google web fonts. Use instead!

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For anyone else looking to reduce google's stranglehold on the internet in this small way, I found some nice google web fonts alternatives: has a small but decent library of free fonts, and they deliver the css similarly to how google does, so you can use it without offering the fonts for download yourself. is a service that proxies google web fonts while preserving your privacy, so you can use it as a direct drop-in replacement.

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google web fonts is one small way the adtech behemoth uses its monopoly powered network effect to surveil people across the internet.

I was guilty of using it out of convenience on my old vanity website and stagnant blog, but last night I spent a little time excising it (see and

Heh I didn't mean for this account to become a free software advocacy single-issue bullhorn. I promise I'll toot about other stuff too!

Either way, forcing giants like amazon and google to play by the rules of free software, requiring them to release their proprietary modifications back to the public, makes their monopoly positions less valuable as they steal (or use, more generously) others' code for their own profit. Open Source licenses do not have this property.


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The SSPL tries to retroactively thumb its nose at amazon and other bad faith actors by making anything touching your code in their SaaS offering also source-available, which is where the OSI says "hell no". The AGPL doesn't include that provision, so it's true amazon might still be able to offer your project as a service in a better package than you can. Amazon being the behemoth that it is, I'm not sure any license can prevent that.


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It's becoming crystal clear as amazon continues going full microsoft embrace/extend/extinguish, if you want to protect your rights, whether you're a human or a business—even your right to make money!—the licenses you want are the free software licenses, not Open Source. The AGPL, a free-software license designed to prevent situations exactly like elastic's, would have forced amazon to play by the same rules as everyone else from the start.


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"Open Source" was conceived as a corporate-friendly bastardization of the free software movement, co-opting the goodwill of its transparency while making it palatable to the interests of money (see e.g. if you don't believe me). Amazon is a bigger corporation than yours. Licensing your software with a permissive Open Source license might seem like a good way to get adoption, but in the end it only makes it easier for amazon to eat your lunch.


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This morning I read about yet another successful Open Source project falling victim to it's own permissive license:

This time it's elastic (after mongo, redis, and sadly many others) doing mental gymnastics, here oddly centered around trademark and code theft claims to which the license is irrelevant, to justify switching to a license the OSI has made clear is not compatible with Open Source (


I've resigned myself to the understanding that the stability issues affecting the pi I'm using to capture sunset time-lapses are power issues. I'm using a nice usb power brick from adafruit that's specifically rated for this use, but... every apartment I've lived in over the last 10 years has had power fluctuations on the mains. Next idea: power it from a battery pack, hopefully one I can leave plugged in/charging while it powers the pi. That's kind of progress.

The last big TODO item is figuring out where to upload the videos once they're finished being assembled. Since they can be fairly large, especially over time, it'd be nice to have a 3rd party service I could use. Perhaps there's a peertube instance that wouldn't mind hosting some daily sunset videos? 🤔

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There are some video artifacting issues that I'm not sure how to solve. Also the pi seems to have stability problems and sometimes disappears from the network. I think I might be able to fix that by having it reboot after every sunset -- the code is already there for that, I've just been resisting enabling it, hoping I could figure out the underlying issue and fix it instead of papering over it.

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I'm working on a project that uses a raspberry pi with an attached camera to capture daily sunset time-lapse videos out of my west-facing window. I figure we can all use a little beauty in these ugly times.

It's starting to work pretty well, if I do say so myself. Check out this beaut from the other day!

I birthed a new release of my 17-year-old Asteroids knockoff a couple weeks back, finally fixing the backwards controls. Grab the appimage at and let me know what you think 🚀 mastodon

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