I've created bots to toot news from a few nonprofit media/advocacy organizations' (and the intercept, close enough) RSS feeds, pulled a few times daily

@ProPublica_rss - ProPublica

@DemocracyNow_Headlines_rss - Democracy Now!

@EFF_Updates_rss - EFF

@PRWatch_rss - PRWatch

@TheIntercept_English_rss - The Intercept

Enjoy, fediverse! 🏴

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Oops, PRWatch's feed is stale af! Oh well. I think the rest are ok. Let me know if anything (else) seems wonky.

I also added @Schneier_rss - Schneier on Security

His headlines aren't super informative so I tried to get feed2toot to include a blurb from the body, but it looks like feed2toot isn't smart enough not to break in the middle of HTML tags, so it might be a bit wonky. Deal!

Another day, another RSS bot:

@TheInk_rss - Anand Giridharadas' substack The.Ink

If you haven't heard of him, Anand is an astute critic of modern capitalism, always worth reading.

Apparently today's a two-fer! Couldn't resist adding one more RSS bot for another brilliant critic of capitalism:

@Varoufakis_Guardian_rss - Yanis Varoufakis at The Guardian

Also, a note: I'm importing the entirety of these RSS feeds up front, which means if you follow you'll see a huge dump of old articles. Apologies for that. Future articles will show up as they're published instead of all at once.

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